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Directing and Teaching

Cary Trivanovich has taught pantomime and directed student pantomime productions as guest for the International Thespians, Kennedy Center Educational Theatre Association, NBC Studios, as well as for university theatre programs, high schools and performing arts schools throughout the United States.

Inquire with Cary for possibilities with your students.

Pantomime References

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ZOOM Pantomime Instruction

"Yes You CAN Effectively Teach Pantomime - Cuz I'll Do It For You!"

With just a one-hour crash course online, Cary Trivanovich will equip your drama class to handle mimed objects with precision and clarity, to mime opening doors, leans, lifting heavy objects, and most importantly, to create engaging stories in pantomime. 

Inquire with Cary personally to set up your online Master Class now!

Pantomime References

"Cary is a very unique performer and educator.  He has established a reputation throughout the U.S. that follows him from venue to venue.  He is so creative that his art exceeds all boundaries and limitations that is associated with mime.  His work is both inspiring and educational.  The characters he creates are of unbelievable depth.  I have witnessed many of his audiences who have become mesmerized with his art..."


Ellis Jordan, Past California State Thespian Director and Past Trustee of the Educational Theatre Association

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