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Cary Trivanovich's Video Autobiography

was created for his family in future generations, as well as for anyone else interested. The video, one hour in length, spans 40 years of video clips and introductory comments by Cary.

My life's achievements are not measured by wealth or stardom, but rather by the significance I have brought to the stage and especially to others as I have somehow changed their lives.

Cary Trivanovich

“It ran into lunch by choice of the students."


"... our usually rowdy audience focused their attention and became completely silent."


"... the advisors gave him another standing ovation...”

Highlights from decades of profound client testimonials >>

— Name, Title

“It totally opened my eyes and made me realize how precious my life as a teen is..."


"I can't convey to you how deeply profound and meaningful I found your performance... you don't know what you have done for me”

Highlights from decades of profound student testimonials >>

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