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K12 School Assemblies

Cary Trivanovich, with 4000 school appearances coast to coast, is a staple in America's school assembly circuit.


Cary begins his assembly with his renowned, age-appropriate comedy/pantomime performance which earns him pin-drop respect, setting the stage for his substantial message.

Message Topics

Choose Kindness Over Bullying

There's Caramel [Rewards] in Kindness

Nothing But the Best (Reward Assemblies)

After-Assembly Classroom Visits

In addition to Cary's school assemblies, you can book a beneficial time with Cary in your classrooms following his assembly program.  Your students will gain deeper counseling about what to do in the face of bullying, or simply a deeper understanding about the rewards of kindness.

Faith-Based Schools click here

References of Recent (Pre-Covid) K-12 School Assemblies

“Cary Trivanovich separates himself from the pack of the anti-bullying presenters out there.  He’s the real deal.  Cary is authentically fun, his ability to engage kids with his pantomime is phenomenal, and he inspires student reflection through his message.”

 David Burke, Principal, Culverdale Elementary, Irvine, CA


Choose Kindness Over Bullying

​* Exposing why kids bully, which is a crucial foundation for all to understand

* Empathizing with hurting students and giving them helpful advice

* Explaining the importance and rewards of reporting bullying

* Challenging students to take a stand against cyber-bullying (For middle and high schools)

* Inspiring selflessness, respect and kindness toward others through his culminating Three Chairs discourse.


There's Caramel in Kindness

Same as the message above but without the emphasis on Bullying. Cary’s engaging Three Chairs discourse is the highlight, contrasting a self-centered mindset with a selfless one.  The objective of this message is to inspire the qualities of a “friend magnet,” namely selflessness shown in kindness and respect for others.

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