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Enjoy Cary Trivanovich's one-of-a-kind performance as a prelude to his keynote message. Whether for corporate meetings, education conferences, colleges, student leadership conferences, or faith based events, Cary Trivanovich will give an inspiring and memorable keynote.

"I have never seen our members so involved in the Keynote Speaker's presentation before.  The next morning at our Advisor's Breakfast, the advisors gave him another standing ovation in addition to the one all the members gave him at the Opening Session...  If there was a five star scale to rank Keynote Speakers, I would give Cary six stars!"
Lloyd Devault, State Advisor, Florida HOSA (Health Occupation Students of America)


Bullying in America's Schools

As America's premier school speaker on Bullying, Cary offers invaluable insight that will equip your educators or student leaders with how to eradicate school bullying.


Leadership for Life-change

For Student leadership conferences, this message inspires student leaders about the opportunity to help others better their lives.

Workplace Bullying Should be None of Your Business

Help your employers to understand the psychology of workplace bullying and to be resilient in the face of it. Motivation is given for the rewards of creating a kind and considerate workplace atmosphere.


The Power and Significance of the Arts

For cultural arts events and performing arts conferences, this message, substantiated by Cary's performance, is profound and life-changing for artists.

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