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October, 2016

Youth Speaker
Visit Cary's site for high school and youth conference appearances.

School Assemblies
K-12 school assemblies site.

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Launching his new promotion and demo video for educator and corporate keynotes: Bullying in America's Schools



Affecting Teen Lives

"your Gift of Life piece honestly moved me more than anyone or anything has for me ever before in my life."


Personal Testimonials...



Imagine a comedian breaking into pantomimes and You're Close

"...setting standards of excellence that become a measuring stick to which others strive."
Fred Fate, former Chair of the Kennedy Center/ American College Theater Festival, Region VIII


Youth Speaker

Not Your Normal Speaker

"The next morning at our Advisor's Breakfast, the advisors gave him another standing ovation in addition to the one all the members gave him at the Opening Session."
Lloyd Devault, State Advisor, Florida HOSA
(Health Occupation Students of America)


Most Recent Appearances


Montebello High, Montebello, CA
Barry Schwartz, ASB Director
(323) 728-0121 ext. 4438, Schwartz_Barry@montebello.k12.ca.us


Lake Jackson Intermediate, Lake Jackson, TX

Susan Wood, Principal, 979-730-7250 ext. 28290, sewood56@yahoo.com


George Kelly School (K-8), Tracy, CA
Mary Petty, Assistant Principal,
209-830-3390 mpetty@tusd.net


Creekview Ranch Middle, Roseville, CA
Marty Alberti, Principal,
916-770-8845, malberti@dcjesd.ca.us
Colleen Clark, Asst. Principal, 916-770-8845,


Florida HOSA
(Health Occupations Students of America)

State Leadership Conference (Keynote)
Lloyd DeVault, State Advisor,
(386) 462-4672


Kermit King Elementary, Paso Robles, CA
Christy Jaureguy, PTA, 4jaureguys@att.net


Sierra Oaks K-8, Sacramento, CA
Jennifer Lawson, Vice Principal,
916-575-2390, jennifer.lawson@sanjuan.edu

or Anna Khoklan, counselor, anna.khoklan@sanjuan.edu