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Performance at UTA Conference, January 2024

About Mr. Trivanovich

Cary is a performer, conference speaker, theatre innovator and director, noted for his unique pantomime.  He has been enjoyed in thousands of entertainment, arts, media, education and faith-based venues around the world.


Cary's passion to inspire kids about selflessness, kindness and the wonder of life is evident by having spoken and performed at over 4000 K-12 schools throughout virtually every state, resulting in becoming America's premiere school speaker on Bullying and Suicide Prevention.

Mr. Trivanovich has taught and directed his unique pantomime as guest for the Educational Theatre Association, college/university theatre programs, NBC Studios, performing arts schools and state Thespian conferences.

Semi-retired since 2020, Cary resides in Orange County, California, where you will usually find him on a golf course.

Not Just Another Good Performer
Bob Manning

by Robert Manning, Theatre Director

and Cary's close friend since high school

Every once and a while, the world gives us a person completely unique and extraordinary.  Someone who, if you were to make a movie about him, there would be no actor who could portray him. Cary Trivanovich is such a person.

The most significant distinction of Cary Trivanovich would be the performance unique to him, which he shaped while we were students in high school.


When he began performing his pantomime, it was just for fun, yet it became apparent that his performance was unlike anything.  He changed the art of mime into something extraordinary.  Cary's performance was an instant success every time he stepped on stage.  Hollywood theatre critics called him  "a remarkably prodigious talent" and "perfect cartoons."  Humorously, his act was tagged as "a live Don Martin Mad Magazine Cartoon" by countless teenagers during his tours around the country.  Fred Fate, who was chair of the American Theatre Association Western Region, stated that Cary was "...setting standards of excellence that become a measuring stick to which others strive."  It was compelling to behold for any audience, even the toughest of audiences: teenagers.  His first national school tour at 19 years of age drew comments from high school administrators such as:


"The best assembly we have had... it ran into lunch by choice of the students," 


"Magnificent! Totally captivated a difficult audience," and


"Standing ovation after encore." 


Since then, Cary has captivated and captured the respect of each and every audience he has faced, even high schools - thousands of them - irrespective of their location or behavioral history.


This quick, unprecedented respect has won him the right to be heard everywhere he goes, to speak freely and candidly with a message that would be whole-heartedly accepted. 


This has set my friend Cary Trivanovich apart in the school assembly circuit across America.

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