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Video Reels of Cary Trivanovich

Decades of Inspiration Shown in 100 Seconds

20 clips showing a visual trek from teenage to today, all in a minute and 45 seconds. A lot shorter than the hour-long Video Autobiography below, lol.

Set to Unstoppable by Sia.

60-minute Video Autobiography highlighting video, television, and personal family clips covering 5 decades. Cary gives introductory comments throughout. This was created for Cary's family in future generations and anyone else interested.

Short demo reel of Cary's performance.

Short demo reel of Cary's K-12 school assemblies on "Kindness Over Bullying."

Short demo reel promoting Cary's keynote to educators, recorded at a conference for teachers in Texas.

Short demo reel promoting Cary's speaking at Christian events.

Cary's classic interpretive dance/pantomime, "Gift of Life," performed soon after its initial creation in 1994, for an audience of 3000 at his home church in Orange County, California.

Cary's "Rope" pantomime being performed at an elementary school .

Cary's original "Date" pantomime, performed in front of a high school audience in Iowa.

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