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These are highlights of the profound testimonials written about Cary Trivanovich throughout his career...
John McNichols, Past President, California Association of Director of Activities

"Your talent is amazing. Your message changes lives."

John McNichols, Past President

California Association of Director of Activities

"In my 12 years of educational leadership, Cary is the single most impactful speaker/presenter I have ever witnessed. My students kept interrupting his presentation and message to applaud him.  Our kids described his performance as 'Life Changing.'  He is AWESOME!"

Dr. Jim D'Agostino, Principal
Santiago Charter Middle, Orange, CA


"What an experience to see an audience of 1000 plus students and faculty entranced for an hour by the student ensemble performance.  To have our expectations of 'mime' shattered by something that phenomenal was truly something to behold.  The entire audience was in hysterical laughter one minute, moved to tears the next, and amazed throughout.  Our standing ovations were but a prelude to what will remain with us for years to come."

Mark Daniels, Utah Theatre Association


[In reference to directing 20 high school students for a production during a state conference]

From the 2000's

“Cary is GREAT!!!!  I have never seen our members so involved in the Keynote Speaker's presentation before.  The next morning at our Advisor's Breakfast the advisors gave him another standing ovation in addition to the one all the members gave him at the Opening Session...  If there was a five star scale to rank Keynote Speakers, I would give Cary six stars!..."

Lloyd De Vault, R.N., Florida HOSA State Advisor

(Health Occupation Students of America)

"I have been a principal for 35 years, and that was the best assembly I have ever seen."


John Casato, Principal (Retired), St Anne School (K-8), Laguna Niguel, CA

From the 90's

"Cary is absolutely one of the finist communicators of our time.  He's funny, dramatic, full of surprises, and moves an audience like few people I know."

Jim Burns, Past President, National Institute of Youth Ministry

(Now President of HomeWord)

"Even after a month our students still talked about his performance.  They continued to marvel at what he is capable of doing, and talked of his performance with fondness; fondness for him and what he created within that magical hour... I have never witnessed our auditorium so mesmerized by anything..."

Steven Southard, Director of Activities, Sonora High, Sonora, CA (Retired)

"Cary is a very unique performer and educator.  He has established a reputation throughout the U.S. that follows him from venue to venue.  He is so creative that his art exceeds all boundaries and limitations that is associated with mime.  His work is both inspiring and educational.  The characters he creates are of unbelievable depth.  I have witnessed many of his audiences who have become mesmerized with his art..."

Ellis Jordan, Past California State Thespian Director and Past Trustee of the Educational Theatre Association

"Friday afternoon, last period of the day, hot humid weather, an assembly program, 1050 antsy high school students, and I'm nervous!  A gentleman named Cary Trivanovich is introduced to the student body and I'm more nervous!!  The next 45 minutes were a blur.  Never in 30 years of education have I seen students and faculty so mesmerized and immersed in a program..." 

Larry Frank, Principal, Warren Area High, PA

From the 80's

"It has been a long time since I have seen our students so thoroughly "into" what was being performed on stage.  You had them eating out of your hand -- laughing one minute, amazed the next, and completely entertained for the full 45 minutes.  Afterwards, students were making remarks like: "He really blew my mind; that was great; when is he going to return?" and "that was the best assembly we have had in three years..."

Jim Lloyd, Assistant Principal, John Burroughs High, Burbank, CA

"He has the singular ability to accurately read his audience and tailor his presentation to their unique needs.  I have seen him, without the assistance of props, make-up, costumes, or music, totally enrapture an audience for 45 minutes.  He has such good control and rapport with his viewers that he can, at a moments notice, elicit the emotions of joy and laughter and in the next moment have them quiet and attentive as he changes the entire mood of his audience..."


Peter D. Peabody, Director of Student Activities, Moreau High, Hayward, CA 

"The ability to hold hundreds of restless high school students spellbound is one not often found.  When Cary performed for our student body, this was precisely the case, and he won the respect of all of us who had the pleasure to work with him.  His extraordinary talent for relating to teen-agers was a joy to behold..."

Peggy Baily, Director of Activities, Barstow High, CA

"In the ten years I have been in public education, I have seen at least 50 different assemblies.  Without question your performance was by far the best.  In addition to your talent and professional stage presence, you have a natural charisma that was able to captivate our students and faculty alike..."

David Bishop, Principal, Pine Middle School, Los Alamitos, CA

Cary's Hometown Newspaper - 1980

"This kid is dynamite. Buffo...

He's classy. He's also extremely funny...


His audiences are wowed.  They're soaking up a great performance, live...


A performance fit for royalty...

... an incredible display of facial dexterity...

... absolutely down home.  The young man is funny, precise, startling.  Moreover he has presence.  Real presence.

It is a compliment to this city that such a talent blossomed here"

Just Out of High School

Touring with National School Assemblies Agency, North Hollywood, CA...

One of Cary's First High School Appearances at 19 years of age...

"This young man has talent galore and handled himself like a seasoned veteran.  My vocabulary is far too limited to honestly describe this young man's ability.  He held the audience captive and all the students and staff enjoyed the program..."

Tom Fakani, Principal, Belgrade High, OR

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